Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) discussion papers, consultation papers and policy statements, which determine how Basel standards and EU regulations are implemented in the UK are summarised below.

Recovery and resolution planning and other topics concerning UK prudential regulation are also included in this section.

Published: Daily

PRA Rulebook (online)

The former FSA Handbook has been be split to form two new Handbooks, one for the PRA and one for the FCA. The following is a link to the PRA Handbook.

PRA Rulebook

Updated: To-date

PRA Implementation of CRD IV

PRA’s policy and rules that implement the Capital Requirements Directive CRD IV, as well as supervisory statements that set out the PRA's expectations in relation to, inter alia, ICAAPs and supervisory review, stress testing, CRD IV and capital, credit risk and mitigation, groups, large exposures, market risk, operational risk and governance.

Capital Requirements Directive IV and updates

CRR Options and Discretions 2017 (Excel Download)

Updated: January 2020

PRA’s Methodologies for Setting Pillar 2 Capital

PRA’s methodologies for setting Pillar 2A individual capital guidance for credit risk, market risk, operational risk, counterparty credit risk, credit concentration risk, interest rate risk in the banking book (IRRBB), pension obligation risk, RFB group risk and Pillar 2B (PRA Buffer).

Pillar 2 Methodologies Update

Updated: January 2020

PRA Pillar 2 Capital Framework Update

PRA proposals for updating the Pillar 2 capital framework, including clarification of Pillar 2A requirements and the setting and usability of the PRA Buffer and other capital buffers.

Pillar 2 Capital Framework Update (PS2/20)

Updated: January 2020

PRA’s Supervisory Statement on the ICAAP and SREP

Supervisory statement on the Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process (ICAAP) and the Supervisory Review and Evaluation Process (SREP), which includes the PRA’s expectations for stress testing, scenario analysis and capital planning.

The ICAAP and the SREP (SS31/15 UPDATE)

Updated: December 2019

PRA Regulatory Reporting Guidelines

Guidelines for completing PRA regulatory reports, including data items FSA001 to FSA048 and PRA101 to PRA110.

Regulatory Report Guidelines (SS34/15)

Updated: June 2019

PRA Pillar 2 Liquidity Framework Updates

PRA updates to the Pillar 2 liquidity framework, including revision of Supervisory Statement SS24/15 and changes to guidelines for completing PRA110 and other regulatory liquidity reports. 

Pillar 2 Liquidity Framework Updates (PS13/9)

Updated June 2019

PRA’s Final Policy on Pillar 2 Liquidity

PRA’s ‘final’ approach to assessing Pillar 2 liquidity and funding risks, including a suggested structure and content for the ILAAP document (Annex 1 of SS24/15).

Policy Statement (PS2/18)

Supervisory Statement (SS24/15)

Updated: December 2018

PRA Pillar 2 Reporting

Supervisory statement on Pillar 2 reporting requirements, including instructions for completing data items FSA071 to FSA082, and the introduction of PRA111 to capture ICAAP stress testing data.

Pillar 2 Reporting (SS32/15 UPDATE)

Updated October 2018

PRA's Approach Documents

Sets out the PRA's approach to banking supervision including the PRA’s statutory objectives and threshold conditions.

PRA's Supervisory Approach

Published December 2017

PRA’s Final Policy on Recovery Planning

PRA’s final expectations on the content of recovery plans and approach to recovery planning, including groups.

Recovery Planning (PS29/17 CP/17)